"The name is Umirul. Staying in Malaysia. Currently following a cartoon series, ADVENTURE TIME on telly. I have many desires, imagination and specialty. Adores people who have high confidence towards themselves. Enjoy various good music. Rarely trust living things for they can easily lie."

"I also love to read, read, read and EAT. I read tons of mangas and watch loads of animes. Oh yes, I used to love MMORPG games. Haha. I have once chose a box of cereal and a pillow featuring Strawberry Shortcake as birthday presents."


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Sunday, 17 August 2014


Congratulations on your UPU result - yeah, so I went to check out your blog. Since you manage to further your study to degree level at Uitm Puncak Alam haha dah dekat lah kita. Tak kira lah walaupun I'm in KL and you'll be in Selangor. We're like less than an hour apart.

Ooh ooh. This rings a bell. Idk Uitm Puncak Alam tu how far away from Uitm Shah Alam (which ada fakulti engineering tu) yg lagi satu but then, kawan kita yang dari sana pernah managed untuk sampai Bangsar within an hour or so jugak sebab masa tu mengada nak pergi tengok movie sesama kat Mid Valley. Lol and I was from Keramat, KL pun sampai lebih kurang 40minit macam tu. Tapi gerak tergesa-gesa jugak lah sebenarnya sebab dah lewat petang - taknak sampai sana dah malam.

How many years have we been now? I didn't count but it'll be nice if we could actually meet as a person. Insha Allah, kan.

CONGRATULATIONS *baling konfetti.

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