"The name is Umirul. Staying in Malaysia. Currently following a cartoon series, ADVENTURE TIME on telly. I have many desires, imagination and specialty. Adores people who have high confidence towards themselves. Enjoy various good music. Rarely trust living things for they can easily lie."

"I also love to read, read, read and EAT. I read tons of mangas and watch loads of animes. Oh yes, I used to love MMORPG games. Haha. I have once chose a box of cereal and a pillow featuring Strawberry Shortcake as birthday presents."


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Random 11pm thought? Haha
Sunday, 9 July 2017

I was going to internally scream, "Where's my laptop?!" but then i went into my room and found it on the table haha like, weh how am i suppose to work (work lah sangat mi 👅) without the laptop? I already gave up the Lenovo one to eldest brother - i thought he's taking this Compaq (mom's) too because he was borrowing. Tapi since dia tak bawak balik Shah Alam, everything's fineee~

Itu lah. Glad I'm the cari first, gelabah later type. Huhu.

Thought of passing the Lenovo to my younger brother since he's still studying and thought that Autocad and other systems and programs would fit just nice - no lagging and all that. Ah, you know how students deal with assignment documents, games and stuff, right? Kalau tak lag tu dah alright dah but then, ada orang dah mintak. Huhuhu dia pun dah decide to beli lain pulak. Tak bagitahu pun. Kalau tak, dah pass down dah.

Meanwhile, when I was in college, start bawa laptop ni dah sem 4 ke sem 5 entah sebab banyak group assignment and guna satu laptop je cukup because selalu team up dengan housemate sorang ni (who's also my classmate during matriculation) and she dah bring hers from first semester so, she said, takpelah since individual assignments pun buat sesama. Thank goodness, kan?

Only after elder brother finished with his study that his laptop is pass down to me. Suka lah sebab laptop tu boleh typing lagi even in the dark (keyboard lampu-lampu, syok buat assignment tak kacau orang tidur). Plus, I am not a heavy user pun. Setakat assignment guna word je. Research for so-called-fyp guna Chrome. Hahaha. Tengok movie pun jarang-jarang sebab lebih minat berada di luar instead of lepak dirumah but then, apakan daya housemates pun dah ramai keje part-time hujung sem tu so duduk rumah bergolek je lah bila takda kawan.

Geez, don't I have any other friends at college? Asyik housematessss je, kan? Haha. Here's the thing - I used to try to fit in with my classmates (most of them are same aged) but then, I find quite a number of them are big spenders. Always at the mall after class, food-hunting dekat hipsters cafe (which I managed to follow 3 times and I'm telling you most hipsters cafe's food aren't cheap - indah khabar dari rupa - and they serve trash wehh I mean, makanan macam straight out from cans? what lah). After lots of consideration and hearing people's opinion on the price, I thought, "Okay lah, kira reasonable lah since it's a cafe and it's a mended place and some even find tranquility there. And then, most of them still new and dah banyak improvements sekarang (seriously) so, yeah.

And I went out with them, also, it's fun but then, well, let's just say that I can't fit in and I am not like them and I don't want to be part of these catalog girls (basically what I call these girls on Instagram). Why catalog girl? Because when I get the chance to view people's feeds *scroll scroll and, "Oh this girl's outfit is just like the other girl's. Oh this girl also went to where that girl went last time. Oh her make-up looks something like this girl we scrolled last two weeks" and so on. And, it's just like flipping through a look-book or magazine or yeah, catalog.

I don't have instagram. Sorry. Perhaps I still think it's not like me.

And of course, this is yet another unpopular opinion. It's just me. What they're doing is of their favor and wants and needs and they can do anything they please, yes, please. Like, please do so.

This is just my safe answer (well, every time how I answer) for whenever people ask me to sign up for one. I'm just not made for that, maybe. There's nothing to see. And, I don't have anything to show. Even when I'm always uploading pics on my twitter and the other friends said I should be on Instagram but, no, twitter's not like that. Twitter's more like a place for me to just post a pic to inform my close friends that I'm near them and they have to text me right away because I know they will and those pics are just for laugh. They're nothing serious like those on Instagram.

Plus, I was on twitter before I joined Whatsapps. I pretty much treat Twitter like Whatsapps hahahhaa because I only got my close friends on list and I tweeted them basically every 2 hours. Hahahaha

And not anymore, since my friend deleted her twitter and I quite have nothing else to do there since I tweeted her daily and it's no fun when she's no longer around. So, I guess, no more. Hihi

Now, we text each other every other day, still - through Whatsapps, Vainglory - in group or individual chat. And, of course, meet-ups. Yeah, this is more like me. I love meet-ups and catching up sessions. It keeps me grounded and helps me building/ mending bonds between friends. Well, I have very few friends. Jumpa lagi senang hati. Takpun we just contact and make sure that the love's still there, we still care, tanya khabar family and what not. I'm proud of my girls.

Wehh sebenarnya nak cerita memacam and benda lain mostly tapi haha cerita apa ni? Dah lah, okay, bye.

P/s: Jerawat ada dua ketul atas dahi - taktahu lah fikir apa yang stress sangat tu - usually takda pun jerawat ni. Benda setahun sekali je kot. Hopefully takda lagi lah lepas ni. Apa pulak terencat ada dua bonjol atas dahi haha macam Majinbu pun ada dah tu.

Free Quran Education
Friday, 10 March 2017

Since I love cartoons so much, I might as well get some cartoons to lecture me. Hahaha. Well, they are good cartoons - creatively illustrated, detailed with subtitles and all. All the highlights are well interpreted. Good cartoons, yes!

And what made them better is that these cartoons are made out of just pure kindness. What's the word? Hmm (still the finding the right word...)

I mean, the illustration are somebody's courtesy. These videos can be watch for free. It's the education of Quran and people are giving the lecture for free. Yea, kindness like that.

You do it out of love. Just for da'wah.

And how great it is that it is then watched by people like me who needs help, who needs good words for consolation. Who just needs motivation to keep going. Mann, they are making full use of their talent, I'm telling you. If any one of you good girls and boys do such act of volunteering like this, well, you know what rewards you after that.

As the English saying goes, "The most beautiful heart is the heart of a volunteer".

Oh yes, they got manyyyy videos that could give you guys simple yet very detailed interpretation of ayah of the Quran and they could be inspiration to do good, to change, well, basically whatsoever. You guys can just browse FreeQuranEducation at Nouman Ali Khan will be the voice-over of the video. Yepp. Not gonna waste your time, seriously. You're going to love it.

Oh. And please spread the videos to your friends. Pass the link. Pass the good words. Practice whatever you learn. Give thumbs-up to the videos, positive feedback(s). Go, go, go!

Of A Second Chance (Part II)
Thursday, 9 March 2017


I am back with new kind of gooodd spirit, yay. Haha.

After lots of consideration, advices and time spent listening to a number speakers online, I've come to realise that if I ever have faith within then I'll just have to accept that there are always silver linings behind every obstacle.

A speaker have said that, "When a person comes to God with the intention to repent even if his fault is as big as a mountain, Allah forgives. And if there's greater gift than a forgiveness towards His slave, it's Him turning that mountain of sins into good deeds since this person has genuinely repent".

He also added that if one is to question himself wether he is forgiven or nay, he quoted the ayat from Quran (I can't quite recall the exact ayah but it's something that goes like, "When a slave repents, We (Allah) forgive". And as a believer, we should know that Allah keeps his words. He also said, just have faith that Allah swt has forgives the minute you cried and asked for His forgiveness because He mentioned it in Quran.

No need to trouble yourself thinking wether you've been forgiven or not. Focus on the new you and keep yourself from repeating the same mistakes.

A female speaker said, "Begs to Allah swt for the things you want. Be it a forgiveness, a place up in Heaven or anything. Allah loves those who begs to Him. And it's the right thing to do. You know when you beg to people it'll only make people push you away. Nobody likes a needy person. No one likes beggars. But, not Allah. Allah loves it when His slaves beg from Him for the things that we want. So beg. Keep asking from Allah swt".

I'm no longer sad. If my mistake brings me closer to my Creator then I have nothing to fret or complain about. Infact, it now felt like a blessing. I just hope that I can always be this concious and later be greeted at the gate with, "So welcome and be happy those who have believed" instead of, "Have no messenger is sent to you with a reminder?". Aminn

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