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Probably the Other Two Cents

In the name of Allah, Most Beloved and Most Merciful. 💗
Pretty sure we all have heard about some Muslims happen to support the idea of LGBT+Q being legal here in our country.
Hm where to begin exactly?
All I am trying to say is that what's wrong is wrong and will never be right because it's prohibited as mentioned in the holy book. And we, as Muslims, are supposed to be against this immorality of some sort and not encouraging in any way esp if the doers are among Muslims as well. I guess we all understood that part crystal clear.
However, I saw a drawing - more like a comic - which kind of serve the opposite idea of everything. I mean, I understand its message but unfortunately, the illustrator might have portrayed the situation a bit wrongly. Oh I can picture the plot twist very clearly. Oh no. My mind.
And the harsh comments, judgments and curses people been using to address the people who practice this LGBT+Q lifestyle is horrible, too.
I am against our Muslim brothers an…
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Of Having Tranquility

Hello, lovely.

Just googled up the word. Tranquility means a state of being tranquil or calm.
So, what makes you feel tranquil? What gives you calmness?

As for me, it is when my life is in control - things are in orders, works are done, being stress free, spiritually content.

Things do not need to fall into place just as I wish it would be, but enough to bring serenity to the mental. It would be more than wonderful to have things go my way but it does not matter as long as I have fun. I love having fun.

Having tranquillity is important to me.

My one friend and I text every now and then. Not regularly, but every time we text each other we ended up speaking of the same thing all over again. It is like the topic never bore us. This friend of mine has asked me last month, "Why do we always talk about this? Do the others speak about this too?" Honestly, I can tell. No one really talks about that anymore. Ha ha

Why do you always bring it up?
I usually have no intention of speak…

"Hey there, Delilah. Here's to you. This one's for you"

Hello, lovelies. 💗
There are certain things keep bugging my head every now and then but none of those is as saddening as this one currently circling my head. Almost two years has passed. Crazy how one thing could really decide to just sit there in your head and won't ever leave, right? *sigh.
And as crazy as that may be, um, I don't know why it keeps coming back. I don't mean anything vivid like flashbacks - just feelings. Perhaps I'm so used to missing it every single day and had been comfortable of doing so for quite a long time that somehow a man of routine like me failed to forget. Not like I'm trying hard enough.
I remember crying so hard and has begged to have my life back. Wallahi, that one du'a was so sincerely wished it literally came true. I got my life back.
He gave me my life back. Just the way it was before life decided to be complicated.
But why, though everything is back as it was once were, that I start Am I far from being grateful?
I u…

Choose Being Kind Over Being Right

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful 💗
This morning Diana texted me telling that one of our friend, Syafiqah, has lost her beloved father. Innalillahi-wa-innailaihi-rajiun.
I have yet to know the whole story behind that but I did call her last month - sekadar bertanya khabar. And she had a lot to tell since we have not met for ages. Hm what I didn't hear was that her father has been returning back and forth to hospital for some time. Suddenly hearing about her father's death somehow break my heart too. Syafiqah was one of the many friends who had given nice, encouraging words when my mother died last two years. Her grief now is pretty much felt 😔
Nevertheless, I hope people are going to be there for her - giving her all the support she needs. Whatever I did not get when this happened to me, I hope she gets it.
Despite all this, I have something important to share. About stopping ourselves from bigger damage, choosing empathy, mostly of being kind ove…

Here's to 3 months hols!

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. 💗
The cat has given birth to only-God-knows how many kittens at the back of our house. Only had the chance to see one yesterday. Usually I am not this concern about kitties giving birth and whatnot. I mean, hey, these are grown cats we are talking about. They sure know what they are doing. Cats survive on their own, really. Tough creatures. Even in our community, it's crazy. However, it has been raining for two nights, so I happened to wonder where the family go for shelter. Cold night. I am sneezing myself.
Then again, they are cats. They survive in this world most of the time. Sure, if God is willing. I will check on them tomorrow morning. That is after breakfast because here, in this house, breakfast is crucial. Daily doses they say.
Oh and I have been reading again. I draw one time. And, I managed to sew a blouse. My sewing is not that good but the blouse looks F I N E ! Been thinking to myself a lot about startin…

Gaining weight struggles

Assalamualaikum 💗

I heard that it is harder to gain weight than to lose it.
At least that's what happens to me.  Now if I can put an equation to explain that,

36kg ≤ Umi ≤ 45kg

Abnormal? Yes.

I heard about what happens on the contrary, too.

Another thing that I heard (from my cousin),

"I tried to gain weight too when I was your age but I don't remember to weigh that little. Anyways,  struggle's the same - I couldn't stop thinking about it, too. Just like you, I tried to feed myself more than the average. I literally eat more than the average girls. Any girl can stop at second chicken or their third ones but I usually stopped at my fourth or fifth. Alas, that can only get me as far - 1kg. It's frustrating, you see, because I was struggling. I cried. I got angry. I wonder just what went wrong with my body. Everyone else is living in their own ideal body type. I'm stuck at 'skinny'. I understand how you feel. I used to be in your shoe."

She adds,



Assalamualaikum 💗
I'm doing fine, first and foremost.
I love what I'm doing now. I'm happy with what I've decided. Even though life can get a little bumpy every now and then but life's doing great.
It has been two years since mom's passing, two years since I finished my degree, two years since my emotional recovery. Well, almost two years.
Now, I'm doing my master’s degree.
Pursuing whatever there is to please mom. Not solely but of course, I'm doing this for myself and the people around me. Ahh *sighh mom wanted to see this.
Hey, last week almost feel as if my mom's dua is coming true. Thanks to you, good people, I manage to get back on my own two feet. I am forever thankful for this and for my super strong support system. I do not have the slightest idea on how to repay such kindness, but I'll try my best to be good, do good just so their support all this while won't go to waste.
WALLAHI, if there's one thing I could do, these people can just …