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Dear mother
Sunday, 22 February 2015

Do you still remember how our mothers amazed us when we were little kids? I like these parts of my life - reminisce all the little things mother did for me.

This morning, mother made us banana fritters for breakfast. I went to have my morning read and was not at the kitchen giving her a helping hand, too bad. Hm the story'd be cliche if I was there, isn't it? Hehe, no, probably not.

I remember everytime we tried to load food into those plastic containers um, we had tupperwares. Mother always able to choose one which the food was going to fit just right, yep, right from afar, just by looking or estimating or was it by magic? That amused me.

Thinking of the things mother used to do for me - things I can't do on my own. It strucks me when these days, I am able to do those things, it feels amazing yet it feels sad at the same time.

I get this feelings - when we are able to do things that mothers do - it is like mothers do not need to aid us anymore. The more independent we get, the farther mothers love feel like. It's like, when we are able to do all the things ourselves, mothers just have to go. I dislike this feeling.

I want mother to be here for me. To see me everyday. Mother gave birth to me and she should be able to see me end my life great. Mother taught me a lot of things, gave me tons of advices. Mother should know that I apply those things in life.

Mother was so busy building life for me she should see me blossom into a wonderful woman one day. I want to spend time with mother because I do not usually get to spend time with her when I was little. And, mother should tell father that I missed him even more when I think about mother.

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