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"I also love to read, read, read and EAT. I read tons of mangas and watch loads of animes. Oh yes, I used to love MMORPG games. Haha. I have once chose a box of cereal and a pillow featuring Strawberry Shortcake as birthday presents."


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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

back to writing - feeling like it's a must, only for this once. i don't know. something just calls me to write today because i am currently not very happy but, happy is the only way anyway.

remember when we were so much younger than ever?

and probably happier.

well, i remember most of everything.

i could not be any more grateful that i am now not a nuisance, thank god, i am actually happy with whatever god is giving me. i am sincerely and truthfully am grateful. how can i not be?

it's just that growing up is not some other chapter you know you'll get through. it is harder than i imagined it would be but still, growing up is a fine thing to do.

i am feeling fine. maybe it's the weather. maybe it's hormonal changes. maybe it's the feeling of uncontentment. maybe it's just another phase of seeing things in different point of view.

however, there's actually things happening here and there that needs concern. i need concern. everyone does. i want to be there for everyone.

probably because i know exactly how it feels like to be out of touch. well, everyone knows how that feel like *sighhhhh. this post end up pointless as it is.

i am unstable TT^TT

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