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That particular 6nov,
Friday, 7 November 2014

Semalam patutnya jumpa Elda pstu Ouija sekali dgn dia tapi sampai KLCC terus rasa mcm nak pass out.

Kepala rasa ringan ya amat - terus beli panadol, beli air mineral. Masa beratur tu ingt nak mintak skip kat org dpn skali tp no energy ti even speak out jadi terpaksa tahan sakit smp lah dpat bayar that MYR1.

Tak sempat keluar Isetan lg dah menggelabah telan panadol. Kisah pulak tak makan lagi ke apa asalkan panadol kena masuk perut jugak. Ahh

Keluar Isetan terus jalan ke washroom paling dekat (pun jauh jugak sebab dah tenat, blurry sight, hands on walls). Em bro nak bagi flyers tu pulak he must have thought weirdly of me.

Sampai ladies washrooom terus duduk. Cancel the plan to movie with Elda. I felt so effed up oh whyyy? I hate to cancel plans, ugh but cannot help it. Sakit dtg dua, tiga tahun sekali ni macam haram scratched the inside of my tummy aduh.

Luckily, I can still think straight. I dialled my friends. Diana was the first one because I was with her earlier but she didnt pick up. Turned out she was performing Dzhur solah; so I called Anis, thought she'd still be at college since dia pun ada kelas that pagi. Alhamdulillah she answered, I was scared as hell I might passed out all by my own in that cubicle. Who'd be watching after me then? Omg cannot imagine.

I know you should have thought why didnt I just Elda at the first place kan, but I know she has not arrived yet. Belum tanya but, rasanya dia belum smp Suria lagi waktu tu.

After some time, kekawan smp then bawak pegi makan semua. Then, dah okay. Sempat lah pergi sentuh iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ yang baru launched on that very day. Besar woi besar.

Thank you for being there, guys. Kalau tak siapa jawab call taktahu lah nak jadi apa kat situ.

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