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Mostly Just Showing Some Respect.
Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"Why are you wearing that?" "Oh mesti kelas lecturer tu kan, haa kena la hipokrit sikit ye tak" Omg, you should stop manipulating on how I dress.

Okay, the best answer I can give you is; it depends.

Yeah. Depends on the way you're thinking - whether you think positively or not, I mean.

Since years ago, there are going to be days where you will find me wearing "tudung labuh" and the other times I do not. During matriculation days, people are okay with that. The girls like it and they take pictures with me wearing that. They even lend me theirs so they can see me wear one. It was nice.

The point is, why is some of you make fun of me wearing it during university? I am not okay with that. This is one of the reason why I dislike the students here - they think they are so big they can simply laugh at clothes I'm comfortable in. Ugh

Well, to get even, all I can think is that they are culture-shock pricks. Suddenly getting the chance to finally have this and that and not knowing how try hard they are looking. Filthy first-timers coming from all end of the country. But, of course, I did not want to get even with these kind of people. What's the point?

I'm trying to make them see that it's not wrong for me to wear "tudung labuh". What if someday I'll stick to that habit? It's okay, right? I have always live with my "As long as it's counted as good deeds then do not make a fuss about it." phrase. Why make it a big deal? Kita guna duit awak ke beli tudung labuh? Takda, kan? Kita cause pain in any way? Which part of wearing tudung labuh yang buat awak sakit hati and tak senang duduk sangat tu?

I think it is a good thing wearing tudung labuh on certain occasions. It is how I show respect. Take an example, if Hayley Williams came to Malaysia and she wear clothes which covered most of her skins uh body parts. That is one way of her showing respect towards the local cultures, right? Is Hayley being hypocrite? No.

It is the same thing with me attending my Advance Arabic class or other lectures. Kita pergi kuliah nak tuntut ilmu, nak keberkatan belajar so, it is okay to wear something decent and nice and proper. Why not show some respect esp when the lecturers are male lecturers? At least respect to the knowledge given.

Well, I dress however I want whenever I think appropriate. It's not like I don't wear tudung at all -  I wear it all the time. I know what I'm doing.

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