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"I also love to read, read, read and EAT. I read tons of mangas and watch loads of animes. Oh yes, I used to love MMORPG games. Haha. I have once chose a box of cereal and a pillow featuring Strawberry Shortcake as birthday presents."


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Of second chance
Thursday, 23 February 2017

i have not regret anything in my life.

and maybe i have not taken any lessons quite seriously before.

i don't know if, now, life is trying to make me live with a past i cannot change or what but i can feel myself losing weight again (i lost so many kilos already) and i think i am not in a good condition, i do not take care of my health, my daily water intake. well, everything is not okay.

i do not feel okay myself,

i cannot seem to bring myself to forgive me for what i have done and i sort of solely believe i have to mend things first in order to feel right and start doing things for myself.

i cannot forget the fact that i did something so wrong in so many ways. oh yes it was wrong. i pray to god: Give me the chance to make this right. I promise to do this in the right way. I promise I'll work hard and not take things for granted again. Lord, help me for I cannot seem to forgive myself. I'll change. I'll invent a whole new me. I'll be good. Let me fix this, ya Rabb.

i do not want to live a lie anymore.

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