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Of A Second Chance (Part II)
Thursday, 9 March 2017


I am back with new kind of gooodd spirit, yay. Haha.

After lots of consideration, advices and time spent listening to a number speakers online, I've come to realise that if I ever have faith within then I'll just have to accept that there are always silver linings behind every obstacle.

A speaker have said that, "When a person comes to God with the intention to repent even if his fault is as big as a mountain, Allah forgives. And if there's greater gift than a forgiveness towards His slave, it's Him turning that mountain of sins into good deeds since this person has genuinely repent".

He also added that if one is to question himself wether he is forgiven or nay, he quoted the ayat from Quran (I can't quite recall the exact ayah but it's something that goes like, "When a slave repents, We (Allah) forgive". And as a believer, we should know that Allah keeps his words. He also said, just have faith that Allah swt has forgives the minute you cried and asked for His forgiveness because He mentioned it in Quran.

No need to trouble yourself thinking wether you've been forgiven or not. Focus on the new you and keep yourself from repeating the same mistakes.

A female speaker said, "Begs to Allah swt for the things you want. Be it a forgiveness, a place up in Heaven or anything. Allah loves those who begs to Him. And it's the right thing to do. You know when you beg to people it'll only make people push you away. Nobody likes a needy person. No one likes beggars. But, not Allah. Allah loves it when His slaves beg from Him for the things that we want. So beg. Keep asking from Allah swt".

I'm no longer sad. If my mistake brings me closer to my Creator then I have nothing to fret or complain about. Infact, it now felt like a blessing. I just hope that I can always be this concious and later be greeted at the gate with, "So welcome and be happy those who have believed" instead of, "Have no messenger is sent to you with a reminder?". Aminn

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