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Free Quran Education
Friday, 10 March 2017

Since I love cartoons so much, I might as well get some cartoons to lecture me. Hahaha. Well, they are good cartoons - creatively illustrated, detailed with subtitles and all. All the highlights are well interpreted. Good cartoons, yes!

And what made them better is that these cartoons are made out of just pure kindness. What's the word? Hmm (still the finding the right word...)

I mean, the illustration are somebody's courtesy. These videos can be watch for free. It's the education of Quran and people are giving the lecture for free. Yea, kindness like that.

You do it out of love. Just for da'wah.

And how great it is that it is then watched by people like me who needs help, who needs good words for consolation. Who just needs motivation to keep going. Mann, they are making full use of their talent, I'm telling you. If any one of you good girls and boys do such act of volunteering like this, well, you know what rewards you after that.

As the English saying goes, "The most beautiful heart is the heart of a volunteer".

Oh yes, they got manyyyy videos that could give you guys simple yet very detailed interpretation of ayah of the Quran and they could be inspiration to do good, to change, well, basically whatsoever. You guys can just browse FreeQuranEducation at Nouman Ali Khan will be the voice-over of the video. Yepp. Not gonna waste your time, seriously. You're going to love it.

Oh. And please spread the videos to your friends. Pass the link. Pass the good words. Practice whatever you learn. Give thumbs-up to the videos, positive feedback(s). Go, go, go!

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